Pharmexpert  offers several representative packages for companies seeking international sales, marketing and/or manufacturers’ representatives, giving you a virtual presence closer to your new customers.

We will represent your company as a sales, marketing, or manufacturers’ representative in the Azerbaijan Republic that we cover, and develop business for you within the market.

This service is ideal for companies that are considering outsourcing their sales and marketing functions, and includes:

•             Acting as an outsourced Sales & Marketing Representative

•             Represent your interests acting as a reliable manufacturers’ representative contact for you in the Azerbaijan

•             Optimize any business you are currently doing in the Azerbaijan

•             Establishing marketing plans

•             Developing new business for you

•             Handling orders

•             Developing sales forecasts

•             Building brand equity (PR, media, sales channel etc.)

•             Creating measurable goals

•             Managing your clients whenever they require a manufacturer’s representative as a contact person

•             Ensuring that your company is always at the forefront of your potential customers’ minds

•             Perform any other services upon request

What is a Manufacturer’s Representative?

A manufacturer’s representative is a business entity working in a defined territory, selling related but non-competing products for more than one manufacturer. Income is generated from commissions on sales in the territory. A representative does not take legal title or physical possession of the merchandise to be sold, which generally is shipped directly to the distributor from the manufacturer.

The use of representatives model brings the manufacturer an established marketing and sales network and territory saturation that accrues from a representative’s knowledge of and experience in the territory. It allows entering new markets quickly, efficiently and effectively Representatives supply an immediate available sales force whose members are highly trained and knowledgeable of the market. It develops a broader, more stable source of market feedback. Because representatives sell a number of lines in a territory and to customers they know well, they provide a more reliable source for market intelligence. Their customers feel confident in discussing changes and opportunities in the marketplace with them, as well as airing criticisms, praise and suggestions they’d be reluctant to share with factory personnel.

Through multiple-line selling the process of carrying more than one product line to market both the effectiveness and the cost-effectiveness of the basic selling function are increased. Because they sell multiple lines, representatives are exposed to more customers within the territory than factory sales people. Multiple-line selling thus creates a broader, better-defined customer base, and with more complete coverage, resulting in deeper market penetration and increased sales.

The manufacturer’s representative system eliminates the manufacturer’s expenses in maintaining sales offices. From commissions, the representative maintains a staff and office operation. Representatives hire and train their own sales people. They pay their own taxes, insurance, retirement benefits, travel, entertainment, trade show and secretarial expenses. The system establishes predictable costs of selling. Commissions are paid only after orders are shipped. It reduces marketing costs.

Pharmexpert sure that outsourcing field sales a good solution for you as well together for the company who is doing the outsourcing.

In today’s marketplace, the pressure is on. Every company, including yours, wants to add value to its product while becoming more efficient and more effective – and reduce costs in the process.

Obviously, it’s not enough just to do these things – you need to make a better product that brings more value to your customers for less cost. You also need to communicate to those customers what you have and how it solves their problems.  Serving customers today requires having competent, motivated representatives in the field. In such cases, the solution is outsourcing field sales to manufacturer’s representatives. Outsourcing through manufacturer’s representative is a common practice to reduce costs, increase sales and still focus on core competencies.

You thus gain the market penetration benefits as well as the solutions orientation offered through the synergy of related products, and the economic benefits of a predetermined sales cost that goes up and down with sales. Above all, you have eliminated any sales cost until after a sale has actually been made.

Outsourcing field sales to professionals is your way to field more and better sales people at less expense to you while providing better service to your customers.

Distributor Relationships:

Our strong relationships with the distribution channel enables Pharmexpert to  gain and manage stock packages for the manufacturer’s lines that we represent.  These partnerships are key to working with the end user, by allowing us to  jointly pull  our principle’s products through the channel.

If you would like more information about what we can do for companies that are seeking outsourced sales, marketing, or manufacturers’ representatives, please contact us with your requirements for more details.

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