Pharmexpert Company offers marketing services for the promotion of medicines,food supplements,medical and cosmetic devices in the pharmaceutical market of Azerbaijan Republic:

  • Promotion of medicinal products on the market, using its own staff of medical representatives;
  • Cooperation with leading and large medical institutions, hospitals,clinics and specialists in various fields;
  • Organization and holding of round tables and interactive seminars for doctors and pharmacists;
  • Promotion of medicinal products with a wide coverage of ambulatory physicians and pharmacists;
  • Work with pharmacies, including the introduction of the product in the pharmacy range;
  • Determining the correct content of visits and information materials;
  • Development of an individual promotion program for each drug;
  • Organization, holding and participation in medical symposium and conferences;
  • Ensuring the necessary frequency and cyclicality, as well as the form of visits of medical representatives;
  • Definition and implementation of bonus policies for doctors and pharmacists.
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