Pharmexpert is successfully engaged in the registration of food supplements in Azerbaijan. Food supplements are subject to mandatory state registration in accordance with the current legislation. The process of registration of food supplements involves expertise and certification.

We provide comprehensive support for the process of expertise and certification of the product at all stages. The process is as follows:

Expertise (1st stage)

A confidentiality agreement is concluded and we receive from the manufacturer the dossiers in an electronic form.

Our experts will conduct a technical examination of the documentation
within 2-3 days and indicate the exact cost of the registration procedure.

After negotiating the price, we will conclude an agreement for service of registration with you and we will deal with turn-key registration.

Then we will carry out a preliminary analysis of the food supplement’s ingredient composition for compliance with the current regulations in order to determine the possibility of registration as a food supplement. In case of deviations, consult with the manufacturer to adjust the formulation.

We are developing instructions for use in the Azerbaijani language according to local requirements.

Our specialists are developing a labeling for food supplements that meet the requirements of the legislation.

We obtain permission to import samples and carry out customs clearance of samples.

A registration dossier and samples of food supplements are provided to the Center for Analytical Experts LLC, authorized by the Ministry of Health for expertise. We will conclude a contract and pay the .

We are constantly monitoring the registration procedure and informing our clients.

After the completion of the expertise, we get an expert conclusion on assigning the product a food supplement status. Shelf Life of expertise conclusion is ONE year.

Certification (Stage 2)

Based on the conclusion of the expertise, documents are submitted (Contract with the manufacturer, invoice, certificate of analysis, certificate of origin) to the Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan for obtaining a Certificate of Food Safety which gives the right to import and sell food supplements in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Shelf life of the Certificate is available into;; the expiry date of the food supplements with a certain batch number.

The average registration period is 1-2 months.

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