PHARMEXPERT CRO provides you with wide range of services for the pharmaceutical market of the Azerbaijan Republic. The company was created by a team of specialists with in-depth knowledge and practical experience in various pharmaceutical fields such as manufacturing, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, as well as medicine, and business. Our goal is to accelerate the process of bringing quality, efficient and safe products to the Azerbaijani pharmaceutical market. In our practice, we pay special attention to getting civilized and long-term relationships with clients. For each case, we are actively looking for optimal solutions using utmost effective approaches. Our professional competence and knowledge about the development of the pharmaceutical sphere allows us to adhere to high quality standards and ethical principles of conducting business.

In our website, you can always find the latest edition of the normative legal acts regulating the activities of the industry. Despite the volatility of the situation in the regulatory field, we thoroughly investigate all the changes and immediately provide our customers with an action plan and a detailed explanation of the situation.