5. Requirements for packaging food supplements

Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan

By the Decision No. 287 of 10 July 2018


5.1. The packaging of the food supplement should ensure their safety and quality at all stages of the turnover.

5.2. İn packaging should not be used for incompatible materials.

5.3. Texts in foreign languages should be in Azerbaijan language too on the packaging of to be imported food supplement.

5.4. The packaging of the food supplement should indicate that they belong to the food supplements.

5.5. The food supplement should contain the instruction of use of the food supplement, the international names of the components listed, the quantity of active ingredients and the  daily dosage recommended by the manufacturer.

5.6. According to this Rule, the food supplement packaging for children between the ages of 4 and 14 must include, in addition to its trademark, the phrase “Suitable for use by children aged 4-14”. There are can not be used a picture, a drawing or a phrase that indicates that it is intended for children on the packaging for this age group.

5.7. The words “It isn’t a medicine” and ” Keep out of the reach of children” should be written clearly printed in bold letters, in non-removable form on the packaging of the food supplement

5.8. In the packaging (label), the following information shall also be provided, along with the ones mentioned in paragraph 5.5 of this Regulation:

5.8.1. manufacturer’s name, country , address, trademark;

5.8.2. pharmaceutical form of food supplement;

5.8.3. packaging dosage;

5.8.4. Storage conditions of food supplement;

5.8.5. Batch size of food supplement;

5.8.6. Shelf life of the food supplement (with indication of production and expiry dates).

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