6.Requirements for the instruction of use of food supplements

Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan

By the Decision No. 287 of 10 July 2018


6.1. Instructions for use of the  food supplement should be accompanied by translation into Azerbaijani, along with foreign languages.

6.2. The instructions for use of the  food supplement should indicate that they are  food supplement.

6.3. A leaflet of the food supplement should contain instruction of use , the international names of the components listed, the quantity of active ingredients and a daily dosage recommended by the manufacturer.

6.4. The following phrases and information should be noted in the instruction of use food supplement:

6.4.1. “İt isn’t a medicine”;

6.4.2. “It can not be used for a treatment”;

6.4.3. “Do not exceed the recommended daily dose”;

6.4.4. ” food supplement does not replace normal nutrition”;

6.4.5. “Keep out of the reach of children”;

6.4.6. “Consult a physician during pregnancy and lactation, during illness or drug use.”

Note. Changes in this Procedure can be made in accordance with Article 2.6-1 of the Regulations on the Procedure for the Preparation and Adoption of Normative Legal Acts of the Authorities, approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan No 772 of August 24, 2002.

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