1. Free Sale Certificate (If possible)
  2. The electronic versions of the artworks;
  3. Leaflet of the product.( If possible )
  4. Short characteristic of the product: instruction of use, dosage, adverse reactions, precautions, contraindications, warnings, storage conditions and shelf life;
  5. Composition of the finished product: it is important to indicate all auxiliary compounds and active ingredients of the tablet, capsule;
  6. Specification of the finished product:  physicochemical and biological requirements of the product (description, average weight, microbiological purity etc). In specification should be the reference to normative documents or to internal methods of the manufacturer;
  7. Certificate of Analysis  ( together with ingredients and analytical methods) according to batch number of submitted product sample
  8. Statement about for absence of genetically modified products ,nanomaterials, hormones and pesticides.  
  9. Information about manufacturing process: short characteristic of  scheme of the production, description of the technology process, technical conditions;
  10. The letter about trade name under which food supplement will be marketed in Azerbaijan.
  11. GMP  or HACCP/ ISO 220002005
  12. Certificate of Conformity
  13. 3 samples of  finish product which artworks should be in Azerbaijan language or information in Azerbaijan language should be sticked in there.
  14. Protocols for relevant studies if Food Supplement is recommended for use by children and pregnant women (if possible)
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